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Website SEO Reviews With In-Depth Analysis

A site review is one of the best ways for you to get insight on how your site is performing and ranking with SEO.  We run through your site and deliver an in-depth look at opportunities that could be quick wins for your site in the search engines and other prospective wins that will help continue your online success.  You can expect to see an in-depth analysis of:

  • Crawl Analysis: a look at how your site is currently setup and how it could be setup to allow for the search engine bots to crawl your site easier.
  • Content Opportunities: see what your competitors’ top content is so that you can capitalize on their success.
  • SEO Site Review: we’ll take a look at where you currently are with your SEO and give you feedback on how you could improve.
  • Quick Wins:  we always find ourselves looking at a site and thinking, “Wow, they could see a huge increase in traffic if they just did ______,” those are the quick wins we love to gather and share with you.
  • User Experience Improvements: it can’t all be about the search engine bots, because to ultimately have a site that is search engine friendly, it needs to be user-friendly too.  We’ll take a look at you website’s current user experience level and give feedback on how it could be improved.

Although, most of our services are served up as an hourly or monthly rate, our website SEO review is a solid $1,000 and delivered to you within a 2-week time period.  We’ll deliver a document that you get to keep and share with your team, and we’ll set aside time to review the document so that you understand the findings enough that you’ll feel comfortable taking the next steps with your team.

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