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In-Depth Consulting When You Need It Most

Although we’d always recommend getting an in-depth look at your site, we’ve seen with a lot of our clients that they actually enjoy learning more about their website and would love to take on some of the work themselves – and we love to teach – which is why we offer services to help you learn more about what we do.

Consulting & Training

With this option, our team can help train you and your team on how to use the different online marketing tools that our pros use, how to run through your website’s architecture, how to discover new content opportunities, and areas where you can discover your own SEO opportunities.

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This option differs because we deliver the same consulting and training options, but in-house.  We’ll come visit you and do the same consulting and training in-person.  We’ll include handy reference material that you can keep and offer extended help following the workshop for over-the-phone support.

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Google Penalty

The search engines don’t always play fair when it comes to ranking your site… well, they do, but your site may have received a penalty because of a recent change (yikes).  This is when you move into stealth mode trying to find the solution for a sudden drop in traffic.  This is an unfortunate scenario, but we’re here to help.

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