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Ranking in the search engines in your local area doesn’t just mean for people that are doing searches in your area, it also includes those people doing searches outside of your area that are searching for a specific topic in your area. For example, let’s say you’re a plumber located in Winter Park, Colorado. That’s quite a small area of clientele, but likely includes two different types of customers: 1) those that reside within the town/county limits and 2) those that own second homes in the area and need work done on their home within the town/county. By doing local SEO, you’re marketing to both of those types of customers, because you’re telling the search engines to rank you for searches done specific to your area.

 What is Local SEO?

Let’s stick with our plumber in Winter Park, Colorado. He’ll likely travel within a 25-45 mile radius of the county he resides in, but he likely won’t make the trek to Denver to fix plumbing issues. He doesn’t necessarily want to rank in the search engines for people looking for a plumber; however, if that person is a second homeowner that needs plumbing work done on his second home located in Winter Park, CO, this becomes quite important.

If the searcher searches for ‘plumbing’ in their local area, they’re not going to get the results they need for a plumber located where the second home is located. They need something very particular – ‘Winter Park CO plumbing.’ Local SEO is ensuring that your business is listed when that specific search is conducted.

Local SEO Quick Tips

1. Keyword Research

Don’t just assume you know what keywords people are using to search your business. There are tools, such as Google’s free keyword tool that can be used to narrow down on your specific industry and targeted location(s). The numbers may be low, but remember that long-tail keywords usually convert better – this is gold for your business!

2. Consistency

Each and every time you register your business online – whether it be with the local chamber or a site directoy (Yelp, Trip Adivor, etc.) – you have to use the EXACT same information. If you change your business name – even deviating with acronyms or periods – you make your chances of ranking locally harder and harder. Try writing everything down in an excel document and copy and pasting from there so you know you’re using the same format every time.

3. Categories

When signing up with different websites, make sure you’re picking the right categories to represent your business. Use Moz’s free local category tool to find the appropriate categories for your business. Categories are super important when it comes to local SEO – pick your categories wisely.

4. Local Phone Number

A nationwide/toll-free number is important for your national customers, but a local number will always trump a toll-free number in the search engines for local SEO. Also, the preferred format for your phone number is (303) 111-1111.

5. Put Your Address on Your Site

It’s pretty standard for customers to seek business addresses in the footer and contact us page of a website. Remaining consistent with your directories, make sure these areas have your business address listed.

6. Fill Out Profiles Completely

When you’re signing up for online directories and websites, make sure to fill out your business profile completely, including the max number of images, business descriptions, business categories, and links to social media.

Need Help with Local SEO?

Let us help get your site where it needs to be with local SEO.  Contact our local search specialists to see how we can help you get more traffic and more calls.

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