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There’s more to Google than just search; in fact, there are a lot of funny hidden things that people don’t realize are out there until they do a search that shows an unexpected Easter egg.

Here are a few of our favorite Google Parodies

All you have to do is type in the search query suggested below, then click on the ‘Feeling Lucky Button.’

  • “Where is Chuck Norris” – I won’t ruin the surprise, but even Google knows to stay away from Norris!
  • “Google Easter Game” – Google offers a free (but cheesy) Easter egg game.
  • “Google Disappearing O’s” – When the website pop’s up, click anywhere on the white and wait for the o’s to disappear.
  • “Google Sideways” – Start searching sideways!
  • “Google Black” – Because sometimes search is better in the dark.
  • “Google Pink” – There’s actually a lot of colors you can set your background “blah-white” to.
  • “Google Gothic” – For our dark friends, there’s always Googoth.
  • “Google Gangster” – You know how we roll.
  • “Google Loco” – What the heck is going on around here?
  • And if these aren’t enough, try switching the language over to Elmer Fudd.
    • Do a search in Google. Click on the sprocket icon on the top right corner of the search engine page.  Click on ‘Search Settings.’
    • When you are on the search setting page, click on ‘Languages’ in the left hand navigation. Click ‘See More,’ then select ‘Elmer Fudd.’ Save and have fun!

Other Fun Google Stuff

  1. Want to see Google Special Searches, which includes government and university websites? Go visit the Google Special Searches page.
  2. Funny searches – type these phrases in the Google search bar and see what Google suggests, i.e. don’t hit enter, just wait for the suggestions to pop-up. It makes you wonder what the heck people are really searching for on the net. *Warning, a few of these are, NSFW.*
  • “why is”
  • “how to”
  • “how do”
  • “how come”
  • “how did I”
  • “why am I”
  • “why”
  • “is it easy to”

Do you know of some that we’ve missed? We’re always looking for more Google fun!

Kasy Allen

Kasy brings years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, Internet marketing, and overall web-geekery to the table. She enjoys writing on the web and improving user experience across the Annapurna site, as well as with our clients. When Kasy is out of the office, she can often be found volunteering her time to help non-profit organizations build a better online presence and exploring the great outdoors with her family.

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