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Marketing Promotional Plan

You’ve done all the work to get a contest or promotion up and running, so now what? It’s not time to sit and wait for contestants to roll-in, you’ve got to kick your promotion into high-gear and start networking to help spread the word. Having a marketing promotional plan handy can help you clearly see where you should be reaching out and focusing your efforts on. For each of the line items below, we recommend assigning an owner, timing of when the line item should be complete, and space for follow-up notes.

Press Release

A press release is a great way to help get news out, fast.  It’s also a great way to get in front of media and bloggers that you might not otherwise be able to connect with. Make sure to write a press release that gets to the point within the first paragraph.  Limit jargon, filler words (exciting, amazing, free, etc.), and links. You should mention your company and even link back to your website, but don’t include anything that will waste the readers time.

News Outlets

Once the press release is out, its time to reach out to the news outlets that you have access to.  Whether it be your local newspaper, local bloggers, or local businesses, make connections and see where you can spread the word.

Also, there are sites like HARO and Followerwonk that can help you find journalists.  HARO has a free subscription where you get daily emails, but if you’re willing to go with the paid version, you can start filtering through media opportunities with keywords.  Followerwonk allows you to search Twitter profiles for people (and journalists) that are already talking about your keyword. Followerwonk is a paid tool, but if you have a Moz subscription, it’s included in your plan.

Blog Post & Website Promotions

Make sure to have supportive content on your site to help your readers learn about the promotion. This could be done with a blog post, homepage banners/ads, or a general website article – each of which should include a link to the promotion landing page.

Social Media Marketing

Make sure you hit all of your social media outlets to tell you fans about the promotion, as well.  As the promotion continues, keep posting and reminding fans why they need to enter.  Create excitement, especially during the last days of the contest.

Also, if you have business connections within social media, ask them to share your promotion, use your hashtag, and get involved. You can build your reach by using businesses you partner with – of course, you’ll want to return the favor when they have a promotion they need help with.

Marketing to Employees

Don’t forget some of your greatest assets are all around you – your co-workers and employees. Send out an inner-office memo letting them know about the contest and the details involved.  Invite them to send the promotion out to their networks.  When you send this group information about the contest, make sure to include a link to the press release and any other online content that they can use to send out to their network.

Sending this audience the information early on in the promotion also helps them prepare for any phone calls and inquires that may come in.

Marketing to Customers

Another strong asset to help push the promotion is your current customers. This audience can be easily reached through email marketing, social media, and by including a link at the bottom of invoices and other customer correspondences.


Kasy Allen

Kasy brings years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, Internet marketing, and overall web-geekery to the table. She enjoys writing on the web and improving user experience across the Annapurna site, as well as with our clients. When Kasy is out of the office, she can often be found volunteering her time to help non-profit organizations build a better online presence and exploring the great outdoors with her family.

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