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In the past, it was rather hard to find decent stock images for websites, because they were either overly stocky (a nice way of saying they sucked) or were quite pricey.  But the world wide web isn’t just limited to paying for stock images, nor is it limited to images that have to look staged.  In fact, after we started digging, we found some of the most gorgeous stock images across sites that update their library on a regular basis.  What’s even better, is that all they ask of you is to give them attribution (actually, we found some sites that don’t even require that).  Without further ado, here are 63 places to get free stock images (mostly free, anyway).

1. Albumarium


Has plenty of beautiful images for personal and commercial use.  They even have a category for ‘Brunettes’; odd, yes, but hey, I’m sure there’s a need for that somewhere. Salons? Hairstylists? Barbers?

2. All the Free Stock


The green background is a bit blinding, but the images here are great!  All the Free Stock brings together a collection of sites that offer free stock images.

3. Authentic Snaps


Authentic Snaps offers 50 high quality images in your inbox every month for just $10/month.  Yes, it’s paid, but if you’re not having any luck on the freebie sites, this is still a great deal!

4. Bucketlistly


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this is the site for you.  Bucketlistly offers absolutely stunning outdoor travel images; seriously, I could stay on this site and day-dream for hours!

5. Creative Commons


Creative Commons was one of the first sites I found to get free images.  Not all of the images are stock; in fact, a lot come from users and photographers like you and me.  It’s a really great place to find off-the-wall imagery.

6. Crow the Stone


The images here are very eclectic.  They have an old school feel to them and are random in nature.  The good news for you is that you are free to do whatever you’d like to the images – photoshop away!

7. Cupcake


Cupcake offers high res pictures that are completely free for residential or commercial purposes.  You are free to change the pictures anyway you like, too.  Images range from kitty feet to forested areas, and they all have a vintage feel.

8. Death of Stock Photos


We love this site for its name alone!  Death of Stock Photos offers free images delivered to your inbox and a paid subscription of $10/month that allows access to their entire library.

9. DesignersPics


Another great stock imagery site that doesn’t require attribution and has a search box to help you narrow down your results. Bonus, even their business images are sweet!

10. Divvy Pixel


Divvy Pixel updates their image library on a regular basis and doesn’t require attribution (although, they’d appreciate it if you could).  All images can be used for commercial purposes too.

11. Dubstock


Dubstock has an interesting take on stock imagery – and we like it!  For only $10/month, you get exclusive, high quality images sent to your inbox.  The catch is that they are only taking 2,000 subscribers, which means the images aren’t likely to be seen on your competitors’ website(s).

12. Epicva


There’s really not a pattern to the images on Epicva, but that’s a good thing, because you can find an image for just about any type of blog post or landing page.  These images are free to use and attribution is not required.

13. Foodies Feed


If your mouth is watering after visiting this site, don’t blame me.  Jakub is a foodie and world traveler that delivers tasty images that you can use any way you see fit. His images will have you craving breakfast, lunch, and dinner any time of the day.

14. Free File Hunt


Free File Hunt is a search engine for free stock images.  It as simple to use as Google and links to the site where the original image was found, so that you can pull any necessary image information.

15. Free Nature Stock


If you’re a sucker for nature photography, you’ll love this site!  All images are free to use and change, and one free image is added daily.

16. Free Pix


Free Pix offers free images through Creative Commons licensing.  Some images are okay to use for commercial purposes, some aren’t.  Some can be changed, some can’t.  Some require attribution, some don’t.  The good news is that all of the images are marked, so you know exactly what you can and can’t do with each image.

17. Free Range Stock


Free Range Stock offers an image library that is free to users when they sign-in.  Other than that simple restriction, all images can be used for non-commercial and commercial uses.

18. Free Images


I’m not a huge fan of this site, simply because the images are rather bland, but they were one of the first sites to giveaway free stock images, so they get a mention.

19. Free Refe Real Life Photos


Although their claim to fame is royalty-free images of people interacting with technology, Get Refe’s Tumbler account offers much more.  From landscape and architecture to business technology and photography, all of these images are stunning.

20. Getty

Getty used to be all paid stock, all the time.  But not anymore!  Now you can get an embed code from the royalty-free section of Getty so you can embed a lot of their images on your site.  The catch, you must have ‘Getty’ scrolled across a portion of the picture.

21. Good Stock


Good Stock is still small (only 150 images as of writing this post), but they offer some eclectic images that are great for one-off blog posts – like this mustache (everyone needs a mustached in their library)!

22. Gratisography


Some stock imagery is just weird, and Gratisography doesn’t disappoint. Much like this pickle guy, you can find nasty, chocolate covered hands, people wearing bear paw house shoes on the street, and a woman with her blow dryer blowing her hair completely horizontal.  Odd, but I still like it.

23. Hubspot


Alright, these are straight up cheezy stock images, but hey, they’re free and some of you still like the cheezy business stock images, so you’re welcome!

24. IM Free


IM Free offers a collection of imagery, but also website templates, icons, and buttons.  It’s a great resource for those of you wanting to get your feet wet in web design and development.

25. ISO Republic


Another stock image freebie with gorgeous pics in categories such as architecture, nature, people, textures, and urban life.

26. iStock


Much like Getty, iStock also launched a section of their site where they offer free weekly images.  The good news is that there’s also audio and video available.  The bad news is that all the freebies are pretty cheezy.  If you’re into that kind of thing, then here ya go!

27. Jay Mantri


Jay offers stunning new images every Thursday and they’re all yours to do whatever you’d like with them; of course, as any photographer would request, attribution is always nice (but not required).

28. JE Shoots


JE Shoots is run by a young Jan Vasek that delivers amazing imagery on a regular basis.  As with most sites listed here, all of the images are free and no attribution is required, but come on, help the kid out – at least tell him thanks!

29. Kaboom Pics


Kaboom Pics offers some of the best free images I’ve seen on the web.  I love the nature photos, but there’s also abstract, city/architecture, fashion, and food imagery.  This entire site is run by Karolina – make sure to tell her thanks if you use any of her images!

30. Life of Pix


Okay, I lied, maybe this one is my favorite.  I’m a sucker for nature pictures, and these have to be some of the best I’ve seen.  They offer weekly updates and have a video gallery to choose from.

31. Little Visuals


You won’t get updates from Little Visuals, but that’s because the owner, Nic, passed at 26 years of age.  His family is now maintaining the site and you can still get access to Nic’s images.  A small donation to Hand on Heart Charity is requested.

32. Lock and Stock Photos


AJ Montpetit gives back to the open source community in the form of these free images.  All he asks is for a link back to his site, but for that you get access to plenty of great images for all sorts of topics.

33. Magdeleine


Magdeleine offers a stunning new image every day, and because they’re all mainly nature pictures, this one is also one of my favorites.  I love the vintage feel the photographers give to the images too.

34. MMT


Jeffrey Betts is a user experience and interface designer that created this awesome stock photo site.  Jeffrey lives in New York City, so the majority of his images are from that area and include lots of snow and winter images – includes some images that could fly for the Rocky Mountain region.

35. MorgueFile


Despite its name, this site doesn’t have morgue pictures or pictures of the dead; in fact, the term actually refers to a place to keep post production materials and is commonly used in print.  All of the images here are free, high-resolution photos available for commercial use.

36. Moveast

This is another personal website from a “Portuguese guy moving east that decided that every photo should be used for free.”  And thanks to that, you have great city images that are breathtaking and curious at the same time.

37. My Free Textures

You do need to pay attribution for these images, but what’s unique about this site is that it’s much more than just imagery.  The main purpose of this site is to offer textures and backgrounds to help top of your photoshop art or add awesome backgrounds to flyers, cards, or other print material.

38. New Old Stock

In addition to my love for nature photos, I also love everything vintage.  My house is one big (tastefully done) antique shop, so it’s no wonder this is another one of my favorites for stock imagery.  New Old Stock offers tons of vintage photos that are free from known copyright restrictions.

39. Pexels

From completely random and odd to beautiful landscape images, Pexels is a stock image database filled with plenty of photos to keep your site going.

40. Photofount

At the time of writing this post, Photofount had 3,533 images in its library, and growing.  I like it because there are a variety of categories to choose from, making this site a great pic for any business use.

41. Picjumbo

Since it launched in November of 2013, Picjumbo has amassed more than 1 million free stock images, making it one of the largest resources for all of your image needs.  Over a dozen categories and plenty of tags to sort through to find the perfect images for your site.

42. Picture Frog

Although Picture Frog is still fairly small, they’re library of unique images offers great stock imagery for wineries and vineyards, as well as some old world style imagery.

43. Pixabay

Pixabay offers over 330,000 free images, vectors, and art illustrations, all without requiring attribution.  Browse by editor’s pick or category, there’s a great variety here for any type of site.

44. Public Domain Archive

Matt is the owner of Public Domain Archive and made the site so that he could archive his favorite high-resolution, free images, but it has become quite the success and is one of my favorite go-to libraries for free stock images.

45. Raumrot

With a library of about 500 images, Raumrot may be small, but each of the images added to the library are handpicked to ensure each of them fit the modern creative vibe they’re delivering.

46. Re:splashed

Re:splashed has a small library of just over 600 images, but none of them disappoint.  Plus, there’s imagery for almost every type of business, from restaurants to ecommerce to veterinarians.

47. Realistic Shots

Henry Reyes is a user experience guru that created Realistic Shots to bring you amazing imagery in categories such as startup, nature, people, travel, technology, and architecture.

48. Site Builder Report

Site Builder Report is a search engine that pulls only high quality photos from 17 different sites (many of them mentioned here) and has been featured in Huffington Post and Killer Startups.

49. Skitter Photo

Skitter Photo is an image search engine that also pulls from multiple websites.  I really like the brilliant colors they offer in their imagery, as it seems a lot of stock image sites stick with muted colors.

50. Snapographic

Snapographic is the personal website of Thomas Mühl.  All of his images are free to use for non-commercial and commercial use and there’s not attribution required, but a backlink always helps support your favorite photograph, so why not!

51. Snapwire Snaps

I also like Snapwire Snaps because they’re not afraid to use brilliant color in their photography.  With this site you get 7 new images every 7 days

52. Splitshire

If it weren’t for web designers, we likely wouldn’t have as many of these free images to use on our sites!  Thank goodness for Splitshire and its awesome creator for these great images – free for non-commercial and commercial use.

53. Startup Stock Photos

This is how stock business images were supposed to look.  All of these images are natural and would work for just about any B2B business.

54. Stocka

Stocka is an interesting pick for stock photography.  All of the images are of one object on a plain white background.  Simple, but effective.

55. StockSnap

StockSnap is a great website that offers high quality, free images.  I couldn’t have summed up their description any better, “We curate the best stock photos from around the web and we also select photos from a number of daily submissions. The end result is a bad ass repository of beautiful stock photography.”

56. Stokpic

Stokpic has hundreds of great royalty-free images, but my favorite are probably the ones of people.  Stock images with people in them tend to come across super cheezy, but Stokpic does a great job of making humans look natural (as they should).

57. Superfamous Studios


Superfamous Studios is owned by designer Folkert Gorter and is an online library of stunning photography all royalty free. There’s lots of nature and aerial shots too!

58. Texture Labs

Texture Labs offers an assortment of different natural texture images that can be used as backgrounds or on print material.  Categories range from buildings and clocks to paper, rocks, and skies.

59. The Pattern Library


Whoa, talk about psychedelic!  This site is filled with patterns that will take you back to the 60’s, but are fresh enough to use for just about any creative project.  Love the design of this website too – just scroll!

60. The Real Stock Photos


The Real Stock Photos adds 10 new stock images every week, leaving it as one of the best free stock image websites to have saved in your bookmarks. Categories range from animals and people to nature, cars, and business.  There’s also great food photography!

61. Travel Coffee Book

Travel Coffee Book offers 10 new stock images every 10 days.  Each image is from different places around the world and offers you a journey into parts of the world you’ve never seen before.

62. UHD Wallpapers

UHD Wallpapers offers images for desktop, tablet, and phone backgrounds.  The sizes are normally 1080×1920 or higher, but you can adjust them down with a picture resizer or photoshop. The good news with this size of image is that you know every little detail will be crystal clear.

63. Unsplash

Unsplash offers breathtaking, detailed, high quality imagery all for free.  They add 10 new images every 10 days, each of which fill a variety of business needs.  This is also one of my favorites!

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