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When it comes to a network failure and you have no Internet, or you’re staying somewhere where there is no Internet, those of us whose jobs revolve around the Internet, it gets a little hard to get anything done.  So, as I sit here (with no Internet, mind you), I thought I’d come up with a list of things to write about when you can’t do research about it.

Go ahead, tuck this away for later, you may need it offline.

Write For Your Niche Audiences

I had a lovely call today with the great folks over at Hubspot and as we talked about knowing your audience, it got me thinking about all the niche audiences that you may forget about.  You may know who your larger audience is or even the smaller groups of audiences, but do you know those really, really small niche groups of people who you can also market too?  Write a blog post for them.  Tell them how your services can help them do their job better, tell them how your products can help make life a bit easier, and tell them how your company can benefit them.  For example, if you sell restaurant supplies, think about what else is in your product selection that could reach out to other audience types.  Take a look at Tundra Restaurant Supply, they not only sell restaurant supplies, but parts for plumbers and technicians that do repairs.  They also sell plenty of products for consumers and the construction industry.  With these additional niche groups, there can be marketing opportunities that could easily be written about in a blog post, and when the Internet is down, it’s much easier to write about something you already know. You know your industry better than anyone else (let’s hope, anyways), which means you are the expert here.  You can likely write about something in your industry that comes straight from your heart – no research needed.  What are the pain-points that you can help your customers understand?  What are the benefits of shopping with your company over your competitors?  Think of other ways you can speak with your audience, even teach them about what you do, and write about it.

Watch a Movie and Listen to Music for New Ideas

Watch a movie and relate it to your industry.  Maybe a stretch, but as my Internet was down, I was watching a movie on the Afghanistan war, which touched closely on how the soldiers have to adjust once they come home – the hardships and grief that they have to live with because of what they’ve been through when away at war.  It got me thinking about how that human emotion can relate to my audience.  How can I emotionally reach out to my audience?  What is it they like to share?  What is it they link to?  How do they interact socially?  Not only does this spark my interest to revisit our buyer persona, but it gave me plenty of ideas to better understand our own audience and how I can better write and deliver content to them.  The point is, movies can spark ideas, as does music; watch and listen, and see where ideas may spark for you.

Call a Friend

When all else fails, strike up a conversation with a friend.  Chat on the phone for a bit and ask questions; see if an idea sparks that may help you come up with something to write about.  You can even question your friend about things that may interest them in your industry.  Those in the same industry often flock together, so odds are you know other people with industry know-how that can help you come up with a topic, and talking it out over the phone can help you build a perfectly good article.

When all else fails, write from your heart.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no one is as passionate about what you are doing, than you are (and if you aren’t passionate about it, maybe it’s time to find a new gig).  If it’s an off-the-wall article that you come up with, but still relates to your audience, then you may end up reaching new people who you never knew may be interested in what your offerings are.  Be adventurous, don’t be afraid to climb mountains, and be willing to share a part of yourself.

Kasy Allen

Kasy brings years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, Internet marketing, and overall web-geekery to the table. She enjoys writing on the web and improving user experience across the Annapurna site, as well as with our clients. When Kasy is out of the office, she can often be found volunteering her time to help non-profit organizations build a better online presence and exploring the great outdoors with her family.

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