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There are two very powerful videos that are my go-to videos when I try to explain to people what the power of words are capable of. It’s important to note that when I chat about the power of words, I’m not simply saying “watch your tongue” when you’re having a conversation, but that every word that you write, every word that you speak represents who you are and who your company is. However, instead of simply relaying to you what the power of words truly can do for your company, take a look at this first video.

For those of us in the content marketing world, this UK company did an amazing job of showing how a simple change of a sign can change how we react, and in this case, how we are more willing to give money because of a slight change in words. Most of us see signs like this all the time. It’s not that we don’t want to help, but when these types of signs are on every street corner, you start to form a tough skin.

To be honest, I’m not really one of those tough skin type of people when it comes to things like this. You see, I grew up in small towns my entire life. Seeing the homeless population was never my norm, so when I’d stroll down the downtown streets and see this, I would give in and give money. It flabbergasted me to see how cold people could be; that they could walk by, and sometimes even step over another person – not even giving them a glance. But, this was before being part of the big city became my norm. When I started noticing that this was indeed a situation that one could likely be giving out every dollar in their pocket, I had to stop being so generous. Not that I ignored them, but I definitely couldn’t give dollar after dollar out every single day on my way to and from work. Even as I write this, it hurts. I’m a sucker for human-rights stories. I wish I could have given more, and I wish I would have thought of changing their sign to help them.

Much like in this video, changing the sign from “I’m blind, please help,” to “It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it,” that’s powerful – talk about pulling at heart-strings. The point I’m getting at is that even as simple of an idea as this video is, it’s in your own marketing that you too can write the same thing, but in different words. Create marketing that can pull at heart-strings, whether it be emotional like this short video or funny, those heart-strings are what moves people to react. When this video said, “Change your words, change the world,” this company got it right. The message was powerful enough that it brought it all back home.

Not to keep you in tears here, but this next video is another tear-jerker for me too. Take a look.

Did you see that? The entire video changed your opinion when that little boy uttered two simple words, “Yes, sir.” Not sure about you, but I melted after that point, because again, it pulled at my heart-strings. Of course we all know the reason we want to cry here – we feel for that little boy, and when asked a simple question, he responded honestly. That drill sergeant obviously wasn’t expecting that answer, and neither was the crowd. It was the power of his words that melted every heart that was in that studio that day, and of course, it’s likely also true that all of those 10 million plus viewers of the video, have felt the same.

When you’re writing your next marketing message, think of ways that you may be able to write it, then think of ways you can make it better. Instead of filling your email subject lines with messages about your next 72 hour sale with something like, “72 hour sale going on now,” think about what makes you open emails in your own inbox. Would something like, “Let’s spend the next 72 hours together and see how much money we can save,” be a bit more enticing (or make you curious enough to open that email)? Or if the romantic side of that subject line is a bit much, how about, “Have 72 hours to save money? We thought so.” It’s simple, yet much more effective than “Save, save, save!”

When it comes to your messaging, think about how you can change your entire business by simply changing a few words. How can you pull at heart-strings?

Kasy Allen

Kasy brings years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, Internet marketing, and overall web-geekery to the table. She enjoys writing on the web and improving user experience across the Annapurna site, as well as with our clients. When Kasy is out of the office, she can often be found volunteering her time to help non-profit organizations build a better online presence and exploring the great outdoors with her family.

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